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8 Common Epilesy Mythsp you Should Stop Believing


Epilepsy is a typical wellbeing concern. The condition is much surprisingly normal. The condition is very Should normal yet inadequately comprehended. While numerous things can expand your gamble of experiencing epilepsy, the Should beginning of epilepsy is as yet undeniable by and large.

What Does It Resemble to Suffer from Epilepsy?

Indeed, numerous normal signs and side effects let us know that you are experiencing epilepsy. Individuals who experience the ill effects of epilepsy might experience the ill effects of bizarre sensations, experience abrupt jerks or fits and breakdown anyplace.

I have seen one of my nearby family companions Should experiencing the difficulty as her child was an epilepsy victim. Each and every time she used to get a call from the school, she used to rush leaving wherever halfway. Until she took her child to the best neurosurgeon in Karachi who treated the youngster for epilepsy. Regardless of what’s the situation, epilepsy is an inadequately figured out condition. There are numerous normal epilepsy fantasies that individuals have barely any insight into.

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Normal Epilepsy Myths
Need to find out about the normal epilepsy legends? Should  Here are some of them to make you mindful of the infection.

1-Epilepsy can be sent from one individual to another

Indeed, many individuals accept that epilepsy is an infection that can spread from human contact. Nonetheless, epilepsy is definitely not an infectious or irresistible illness that you can get from contacting or remaining nearby an impacted individual. This is a neurological condition that includes numerous causative factors so this is something like a fantasy.


2-Having a seizure implies that you are experiencing epilepsy

Next in the rundown of normal epilepsy Should  legends comes that having seizures imply that you are experiencing epilepsy. In any case, there is no reality in this. Having a seizure doesn’t be guaranteed to imply that you are experiencing epilepsy.

There could be numerous different causes behind a seizure so one shouldn’t necessarily in all cases expect a seizure to be epilepsy. Nonetheless, in the event that seizures are repetitive, you ought to visit your doctor who can consider different factors and sort out whether or not it’s epilepsy or not.

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3-During seizures, you can swallow your tongue

Assuming you have additionally accepted this, you are most likely mixed up. However it is accepted that individuals who experience the ill effects of seizures can swallow their tongue. In any case, this isn’t feasible for an individual to swallow his tongue during a seizure.


4-Having epilepsy implies that you are not sufficiently shrewd

Remembering that epilepsy is a neurological condition, many individuals accept that epilepsy can negatively affect your capacity to sagaciously think. Nonetheless, this isn’t correct. Experiencing epilepsy doesn’t imply that you can’t think and act like ordinary individuals. Epilepsy doesn’t have anything to do with your insight and now and again other than seizures you can think and act ordinarily.

5-You can foresee the start of the seizure

Another normal epilepsy fantasy says that you can foresee the beginning of a seizure. Nonetheless, that is false. Certain individuals could know when a seizure is going to occur and this is known as the ’emanation’. Nonetheless, in different cases, foreseeing the beginning of a seizure isn’t exactly imaginable.


6-Seizures are excruciating

Another normal epilepsy fantasy says that seizures are by and large agonizing. In any case, that is false. Seizures are episodes where an individual gets oblivious. It isn’t feasible for an individual to feel torment while having a seizure. So this is only a legend.

7-Women who have epilepsy shouldn’t bring forth the kids

With regards to managing epilepsy it is ordinarily accepted that ladies who are experiencing epilepsy shouldn’t bring forth kids. Nonetheless, that is false.

Epilepsy doesn’t have anything with a lady’s capacity to bring forth a youngster or influences her ripeness. Notwithstanding, additional pregnancy may be expected on account of the females who are now on some sort of medication treatment for epilepsy in light of the fact that specific medications can expand the possibilities of birth surrenders among ladies.

8-Only youngsters experience the ill effects of epilepsy

Since epilepsy cases are more normal among youngsters this caused individuals to accept that no one but kids can experience the ill effects of epilepsy. Be that as it may, grown-ups are no special case for this. Grown-ups very much like kids can likewise experience the ill effects of epilepsy yet the cases are not as normal.

Primary concern!

Epilepsy is a condition that is much surprisingly normal. In any case, the condition isn’t surely known. On the off chance that you are experiencing epilepsy, the first to carry on with a sensible existence with epilepsy is to comprehend it all around well. Other than this, meeting your doctor can assist you with understanding and deal with your condition in like manner.

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