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Easy School Drawing For Kids | School Drawing Tutorial


Easy School Drawing For Kids

School Drawing is the easiest way to draw a Drawing For Kids school sketch. Nothing compares to enjoying eating lunch with friends and playing games with classmates, even though taking quizzes and doing homework can be demanding.

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We’ll talk about the enjoyable times we had at school today. We have prepared a lesson on how to draw a school, and it is broken down into nine basic steps with straightforward illustrations. This tutorial is fun since it allows you to personalize Drawing For Kids your artwork and design your school!

Let’s get started learning how to draw a school.

Step 1:

  • Starting at the top of your page, draw a broad trapezoid shape.
  • This creates the school’s roof. Make sure there is enough room for the wall and other structural components by starting at the top of your paper.
    Always use a delicate touch and light strokes while making basic sketches or outlines. Avoid applying too much pressure with your pencil to make it simple to remove any lines you may later decide you no longer need.
  • Straight lines are essential when drawing a school. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use a ruler at every stage of the process to make drawing consecutive lines quick and straightforward.

Step 2: 

  • Construct the School’s Roof
  • Add a broadly triangular shape in the center of the trapezoid shape that we previously made.
  • Afterward, remove the portions of the trapezoid that overlap the triangle. This keeps your drawing organized, clean, and, most importantly, polished.
  • As seen in the above image, the triangle shape should be slightly taller than the trapezoid shape.
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Step 3:

  • Subsequently, the third stage is drawing a school drawing Share.
  • A vertical line is drawn on each side, directly underneath the school’s roof. Create a horizontal line at the bottom to join the vertical lines’ two endings.
  • This provides the framework for the school’s walls or foundation.
  • The entire school’s structure is now finished at this point. Now, all that’s left to add are a few features and specifics, so we’ll start there.

Step 4:

  • Draw the School Stairs in Step 4 of the instructional drawing process.
  • On the establishment’s lowest midsection, layer three rectangular forms on top of one another.
  • Do not forget that the rectangle at the top of the stairs should be the smallest, and the rectangle at the bottom should be the largest. This gives the appearance that stairs are rising.

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Step 5:

  • Add patterns to the wall and roof.
  • To improve the school’s appearance, we’ll add some lines on the wall and roof in this phase.
  • Then, inside the triangle-shaped roof, draw a broad inverted V-shaped line. The line ought to be perpendicular to the roof’s outline.
  • Next, make an area beneath the ceiling where the door will eventually be constructed by drawing two parallel vertical lines.
  • Then, make a vertical line perpendicular to each side of the school’s wall.

Step 6:

  • Draw the windows on the wall in step six.
  • Create a rectangle that stands straight and borders on all four sides. Next, draw an intersecting parallel horizontal and vertical line inside the rectangular shape. This makes a single window appear on the school’s wall.
  • After completing this stage, there should be six windows on the school’s wall: two on either side of the center window and two more in the centre.
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Step 7:

  • Sketch the School Door Entrance Above the previously sketched stairs on the fourth step, create an open-bottomed square shape with a borderline running parallel to it.
  • This produces the door, which serves as the building’s entryway.
  • Next, mark the center of the door with a vertical line. This separates the left door from the right door.

Step 8:

  • Add a Clock to the School’s Roof in Step 8 school sketching step 8 Share
  • On the top of the triangle-shaped roof, draw a perfect circle with a smaller circle inside it. This creates the clock’s outline. Next, draw an angled line to represent the hands depending on what time you want the clock to show.
  • Remember to add a tiny rectangular shape at the top of each door. As a result, doors generally have ventilation.

Step 9: 

  • Include the School’s Name Now
  • Under the clock we drew in the previous step, write the word “SCHOOL.” Keep all the letters capitalized to make them more noticeable, as seen in the example above.
  • The school drawing is already complete, as you can see. All that’s left to add is a dash of color now!


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