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Flautas vs. Taquitos: How the Dishes Compare


Flautas and taquitos are delightful dishes you can make as hors d’oeuvres, bites, or courses by simply changing the tortillas, fillings, and garnishes.

What Are Flautas and Taquitos?

Flautas and taquitos are firm dishes generally comprising of a flavorful filling of meat and cheddar enclosed by a tortilla and afterward seared or heated. The two dishes are broadly connected with Mexican food because of the likenesses they share with Mexican entrées and tidbits as far as readiness and flavor profile. A distinctive trademark between flautas — Spanish for “woodwinds” — and taquitos is that flautas are typically bigger.

Flautas versus Taquitos

You may handily confound flautas and taquitos due to the similitudes in their planning and taste. Here are a few marks of thought when you are attempting to recognize how the two food varieties contrast with one another:

1. Cooking strategies: You can profound fry both flautas and taquitos. The two dishes taste best when they are fresh and brilliant brown. To accomplish this, a cook typically utilizes a profound fryer or heats the filled tortillas in the stove. To cook either dish in the broiler, secure each moved tortilla with a toothpick to guarantee it stays shut, then splash the tortillas with cooking shower to energize firmness. Make sure to flip the flautas or taquitos no less than once during the baking system.

2. Fillings:

You can fill flautas and taquitos with similar sorts of fixings, for example, destroyed meat or ground hamburger. Destroyed chicken flautas and chicken taquitos are famous renditions, yet you can redo either dish as you would prefer.
3. Beginnings: Portions of Mexico perceive flautas as a mark dish, yet the starting points of the dish are obscure. Taquitos perhaps started in the San Diego area of California. In Mexico, you could see individuals alluding to fresh seared taquitos as flautas or tacos dorados. In certain region lining the US and Mexico, benefactors appreciate taquitos as a road food (a dish served by road sellers), where a taquito is a broiled, little taco, as opposed to a moved taco.
4. Tortillas: Flautas and taquitos could utilize various tortillas. Generally, flautas use flour tortillas while taquitos use corn tortillas. Exemplary Mexican food sources commonly use corn tortillas, in spite of the fact that tortilla decision can rely upon the cook and the locale. Moreover, tortillas for flautas are normally bigger than those for taquitos. A flauta comprises of an enormous, burrito-size or quesadilla-size flour tortilla, though a taquito comprises of a corn tortilla measured for fajitas or little quesadillas.
Instructions to Serve Flautas and Taquitos
You can serve flautas or taquitos as full feasts or tidbits relying upon what you serve. Close by or on top of them, notwithstanding what you incorporate as filling. Here are a few thoughts for how to serve and taquitos.

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1. As hors d’oeuvres:

For a tidbit variant of a taquito or a flauta, fill them with refried beans or broiled corn. Keep the filling light so you actually have space for your fundamental feast.

2. As primary dishes: To stack up a taquito or flauta for a principal dish, fill them with destroyed chicken or meat and serve them close by Mexican dishes like guacamole, Mexican rice, or some other side dishes you would generally coordinate with enchiladas, burritos, or quesadillas.
3. As tidbits: A flauta or taquito can be a special bite. Try different things with garnishes to fluctuate the dish — for instance, you can attempt a mix of destroyed lettuce; pico de gallo or salsa; harsh cream or Mexican crema; jalapenos or different chiles; queso fresco or cotija cheddar; and hot sauce or different fixings.
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