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What are cool rooms and why do you need them for your products?


Just try to cool rooms where there is no refrigeration. You can well understand that it will be quite difficult to live in it and many of the things that surround us might practically be nonexistent, and that includes your business as well. 

Cool room- What is it?

A cool room or a refrigerating chamber, no matter by whatever name you call it, is mainly a warehouse in which there is an artificial generation of a specific temperature. The primary function of a coolroom for sale is to store products in an environment below the outside temperature. There are several products in and around us that require refrigeration like vegetables, food, seafood, flowers, meat, etc. 

Areas of application of a Coolroom

Irrespective of the products they contain, a Coolroom for sale is very useful for:

(1) Goods Reception: Businesses such as restaurants and warehouses need to have an appropriate temperature to receive their raw materials, which will later be placed in different points. A good Coolroom for sale plays a pivotal role here. 

(2) Products handling and storage: This allows for an increase in marketing and production, thus extending shelf life and enabling the transformation of products. 

(3) Products display: In these cases, it is very common to use Reach in or Walk In doors which allow easy access of products to the final consumer and also, have a much more attractive point of sale. 

The temperature inside a CoolroomHow to choose?

The internal temperature depends on the product or the material that will be stored. Food storage is one of its known applications, especially frozen foods that are stored at below zero temperatures. While the local vegetables and fruits are stored at 0 degrees Celsius, the tropical and subtropical fruits are stored at 5 to 13 degrees Celsius. 

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How does refrigeration intervene in a cool room?

The chemical and biological processes in food are slowed down when we refrigerate it. This preserves the quality and also controls deterioration. The life of fresh, perishable fruits such as fruits, meats, fish, and vegetables can be extended for several days by cooling and several months or years by freezing. 

Once a quotation is requested for a Coolroom for Sale, the refrigeration engineer knows

  • During storage, fruits, and vegetables continue to breathe and generate heat. 
  • They should be frozen in a temperature range and not in a single temperature. 
  • The freezing rate greatly impacts the quality of frozen foods. 
  • The rate of moisture loss in products is greatly affected by the speed of refrigerated air. 

Blast Freezer: All you need to know

What is a Blast Freezer?

A Blast Freezer, also known as a flash freezer or shock freezer, is a special type of freezer storage that can rapidly freeze foodstuffs or fresh produce at extremely low temperatures. This is what is known as air blast freezing. The formation and growth of harmful microorganisms in the food are prevented by rapid freezing which neutralizes these microorganisms. 

 While Blast chillers can cool down the food rapidly up to 3 degrees Celsius but only for a shorter duration of preservation after which the food stock is taken out to be cooked and served.  A Blast Freezer can preserve the food for a longer duration and at extremely low temperatures (-18 degrees Celsius to -45 degrees Celsius). 

Applications for Blast Freezer

 These are commercial freezers made exclusively for business owners. It is on account of their growing production and product demand that the need to freeze their products becomes quite crucial. Here are some of the applications of Blast Freezers.

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(1) An Industrial Blast Freezer is employed in commercial units like cold storage companies. 

(2)  A Blast Freezer is also employed in confectioneries for the preservation of larger stocks of pastries/desserts which require cooling like cakes, pudding, pies, ice-creams, etc. The taste and texture of the dessert get highly enhanced with proper chilling. 

(3) A Blast Freezer is of great utility in the fishing industry, and also for meat suppliers. If se foods are not properly preserved, they undergo fast decay. Supply of raw seafood material to distant markets of the world without compromising the quality of the haul is only made possible by this Blast Freezer that can stop the decay of stock for a considerable period of time. 

(4) Vaccines consist of active ingredients that stimulate immunogenic responses when administered to a patient. A huge challenge is faced by vaccine manufacturers when it comes to maintaining the stability and viability of the active ingredient during the production, distribution, and administration of the vaccine. Degradation of the active ingredient is highly reduced once you store it in a Blast Freezer making it more viable and stable for a long time. 

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