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Why Should You Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings?



Of all the diamond-like gemstones, Moissanite is the closest in hardness. On the Mohs scale, Moissanite has a hardness of 9.5, making it the second hardest gemstone in the world. This means that Moissanite is tough and durable; it wouldn’t scratch or break easily even with daily use. If you are looking to buy an engagement ring that would stand the test of time.

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without breaking or scratching, Moissanite engagement rings are the way to go. It can be worn daily like a diamond without any fear of scratching, loss of luster or breakage. Being tough and durable are the main characteristics of any engagement ring that your partner should wear long into the future. Do not hesitate to browse the different gemstone engagement rings to be sure to choose the one that suits you.


Impeccable and precise cut

One of the standout features that really set Moissanite engagement rings apart is its impeccable cut. A moissanite ring will shine brightly in any setting. A precise, clean and balanced cut makes the Moissanite ring a jewel that will sublimate any marriage proposal. Flawless means that a typical Moissanite ring has no scratches, flaws, or inclusions on its body, even when viewed under high magnification.


When a gemstone is flawless, it has a greater lustre than normal. Moissanite rings will fit perfectly for any occasion or event. Whatever your personal style, don’t hesitate to order a Moissanite engagement ring online because it will go perfectly with any dressing room.

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Variety of colour

Moissanite rings are available in a variety of colours for you to choose from when shopping. By far the best is usually the colourless Moissanite stone which shimmers the most brilliantly. Other colour options include green, grey and yellow Moissanite rings. The colourless variant is the most preferred and will look great in the future.

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If you are looking to get an engagement ring in a different colour, the colored Moissanite engagement rings are stunning and will look great for the purpose you need them for. Other colored gemstone options include ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, and opal.

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Carat size

Moissanite rings are sold by size. The larger the cut, the higher the carat will be and the smaller the cut, the lower the carat. Unlike diamonds, the carat size of Moissanite rings does not depend on weight.


When looking to buy a moissanite ring online, it’s often best to choose what your bride-to-be would like to wear. As someone you’ve been with for a while, you’re almost expected to have a good grasp of their personal style and dress sense. Big or small, your significant other will love the feeling you give them a moissanite engagement ring online.


Incredible Clarity

Moissanite is lab-created, which means it is man-made. Therefore, it is expected that there are imperfections in her makeup. Errors are inevitable during the creation process, which is completely expected. However, reputable Moissanite ring makers release only perfect stones of impeccable clarity to the public. Lab-made moissanite takes about 60-90 days to create from pure silicon carbide.


Natural moissanite stones are made from meteorite. Interestingly, both types of moissanite are as rare as they come. Moissanite has an incredible level of clarity and brilliance and matches diamond in this regard. Luckily, it costs a lot less than diamond, which means your pocket will thank you for choosing a moissanite engagement ring.



Dispersion and shine

Moissanite gemstones when set on engagement rings have an extremely high dispersing ability. This means that moissanite throws a lot of light just like diamond; in fact, it is higher than the diamond. Dispersion is the ability of gemstones to reflect and refract light. Moissanite has a high dispersion fire, which means your moissanite ring will shine brightly for a long time.


Ethically acceptable and environmentally friendly

Moissanite stones are either lab-made or mined from meteorites, which means they are quite rare. They are also ethically made without any negative association with conflict or suffering as in the case of diamonds. In addition to this, moissanite gemstones do not affect the environment like other gemstones do during mining. If you buy a moissanite engagement ring online, you can live knowing that the ring has no unhealthy history.

Affordable and economical

When you buy a moissanite ring online, you will save a lot of money compared to buying a diamond ring which usually costs 90% more. If you’re looking to save money rather than spend a lot on an engagement ring, moissanite rings are beautiful rings that your future self would love.


With a little research on the web, jewellery shoppers can find many stores that sell a great looking moissanite ring online at really affordable prices. As a general rule, any moissanite ring you buy is branded and as beautiful as any diamond. And the funny part is that no one can tell if it’s really diamond or not, at least visibly.

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